The founding for Center for General Education aims to integrate the learning fields of the school's various departments and open new courses, while adding in humanities inspiration and the teaching of "From Skills to Tao", so that students can develop practical skills that adopt changes in their step-by-step learning and further broaden their perspectives.


In order to achieve this goal and based on the philosophy of "Participation means success", the Center actively encourages our teachers to plan and open general courses that emphasize the theoretical basis and actual participation or practice.  Through the actual practice of rationalization and humanities, every student nurtured with liberal arts philosophy at Chienkuo Technology University can become a great person who possesses both skills and virtues and puts the learning into use both by hands-on practice and great thinking.


History of the Center

  • Established the team for general education in 1999.
  • Implemented the general education program in the specialized college department in 1999.
  • Implemented the general education program in the university department in 2000.
  • Strengthened the general education team to become a school-level department and established the Center for General Education in 2002.



Development Goals

The general education program is established by integrating the learning fields of the school's various departments and aims to develop industry talents who possess both skills and virtues and the capabilities in applying theories into actual practice and research and development.


A holistic education that aims to make every student at Chienkuo who

  • Balance knowledge and character
  • Value both humanities and technology
  • Combine ideals with actual practice
  • Integrate tradition and modernity
  • Maintain the harmony between world, people, objects and self.


Curriculum Planning

  • Basic General Education – Divided into 6 main axles. Chinese and English are the necessary language instruments for an interpersonal society. Through curriculum grooming and training, listening, speaking, reading and writing skills can be enhanced in order to assist students to achieve excellent communication, boost up self-confidence and strengthen the ability to do things. History and life, human geography will follow「temporal-type knowledge」, 「spatial-type knowledge」 in series and arrangement while, at the same time, cultivating local concern and international outlook. Students, through collection, analysis, application and transformation of the learning process will get to master the integration capability and acquire the international perspective. Introduction to arts will fulfill the students’ humanities and artistic culture and help them increase their aesthetic perception, for the construction of their souls. And have unique healthy and personality traits to promote self-improvement and 「life satisfaction」. The Introduction to the Study of Law course discusses real cases in modern life and will provide students with the necessary literacy of cognitive laws of a modern, democratic civil society. Calculus, physics, chemistry will be used as the foundations of engineering science. Since schools have not yet set up the relevant departments, so they will follow the relevant teaching of general education (common subjects), the historical background and the overall course arrangement for General Education.
  • Liberal Arts General Education - Contains four major groups: Literature and Thoughts, Historical Culture and Geography, Arts and Modern Life and Social Sciences, Nature and Life Sciences. They focus on a holistic approach with multiple objectives, teaching to broaden horizons, aptitude orientation and selection of a professional communication function. Take into account the depth and breadth of knowledge, in order to achieve harmony between Heaven and Man.

Livelihood General Education – focuses on creativity and implementation. Apply the concept to areas of life, cultivate students with good knowledge of life skills and other knowledge, in addition to lectures, to pay more attention to the practice of higher standards and proper life, strengthen students’ abilities to solve problems by themselves, to pursue a better quality and create a happy life. And this is one of the major characteristics of general education.


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